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Sometimes we treat the Bible as a list of rules and regulations.  Sometimes we treat it like a blueprint or schematic “plan” for building and running the church.  Sometimes we treat it like a mystery we need to discover and decode like we were Indiana Jones.  But ultimately, the Bible is a story.  It is the story of God’s relentless love and pursuit of His creation despite our rebellion and sin and His redemption of us through Jesus Christ and His cross.

So in 2018, we will focus on “The Story.”  Our daily Bible reading, sermon series, small group studies and children’s classes from February to May and from September to mid December will all focus on “The Story of the Bible.”  We will use “The Story,” a NIV Bible condensed Bible that reads like a novel and focuses on the narrative or “story” parts of the Bible. A copy of the book “The Story” will be provided to each family (free!).  A  an slightly expanded reading will also be will provided in the bulletin and on this web site each week as well (also free).  So we’ll read, preach and teach the story of the Bible.

The teen, middle school and adult groups– who will meet all together at the building beginning on February 11 (what a novel approach that is) and use a DVD lesson study series.  We’ll stay on the same basic schedule as the children’s classes and the sermon series, so this will give our families a chance to grill each other on how well they are listening.   Use the links below to check what your kids are studying, pick up study guides you missed, find the daily Bible readings.

Teacher’s Page          Parent’s Page          Daily Reading          Study Guide

This page will be at the top center of the web site beginning in February, so these links will literally be front and center on our web page.  We want you to use them… and our web site in general.  And check out our Facebook page while your at it

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