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I don’t know how it got by us so quickly, but Summer 2017 is now in our rear view mirror!  So it’s time now to look forward to what Fall 2017 has to offer. And one of the things that it has ti offer (besides a new school year and football season) is a brand new slate of adult Bible classes for you to sink your teeth into. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities for study and growth each week:

Sunday Auditorium: “Our Story and We’re Sticking to It.”  Have you ever been asked “What is it that Christians believe?”  What is the basic story that is at the center of what Christians really believe anyway?  Paul has several places where he sums his story in a few words in a mission statement like summary, “Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David. This is my gospel” (2 Tim 2:8).  What is our gospel?  That is what our class will discuss.

Tuck is the teacher.  This class will begin on September 3.

Sunday Family Room: “I I Had a Parenting Do-Over.”   This class will be a study of some basic parenting principles drawn from both scripture and real-world applications.  The class will equip you with some solid, helpful practices that you can actually use in your own home with your own kids. Topics will include things like “Let It Go,” “Press the Pause Button,” and “Tip the Scales.”

This study will seek to provide honest answers to help you parent your children. Roger will lead this study; it will begin on September 3.

Wednesday Night Family Room: “It’s Not an Issue; It’s About People.”  This will be a study of what the Bible says about homosexuality.  This has become a hot-button issue in our culture and in the church.  This class will look at what the Bible actually says about the practice homosexuality in Biblical context.  We will also try to discuss what the church’s response should be to homosexual people that come to us.  Ultimately, Jesus didn’t take stands on current issues; He ministered to people.

Tuck will teach this class beginning on September 13.

Don’t forget that there is a full slate of children’s classes as well… including a newly revived cradle roll class.  So bring your kiddos and then come and take advantage of one of the these Bible class offerings.







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