Our Ministers

@TuckOur preaching minister is Charles “Tuck” Tucker who has been here at Denbigh since 1980.  In most churches, the members are from the local area and the minister is from Texas or West Virginia or someplace.  Denbigh likes to be a little different; our minister is from the local area and most of our members are from Texas or West Virginia.   Tuck has a bachelor’s degree from Freed-Hardeman College and masters degrees from Harding Graduate School and Trinity Theological Seminary.  He is married to Lynn, a special education teacher at Denbigh High School.  Tuck and Lynn have two daughters, Tressa and Angelynn, who are also special educators at Denbigh High School and Warwick High School.

RogerOur Family minister is Roger Brown who came to us in 1996 and began working full time in 1998.  Roger is a graduate of Ohio Valley College and Southern Christian University.  He is married to Keri, a special educator (are you detecting a trend here) who works at New Horizons in Newport News.  Roger and Keri have three sons: Adam (a senior Database Administrator for IMG in Baltimore), Jason (an air traffic controller in Warrington, VA), and Aaron (Information Assurance Specialist for IMG). Jason is married to Brittany and has a son (Ethan) and daughter (Felicity).  Aaron is married to Mandi.